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You're Not the Only One...Join the Pursuit!

Despite the smile, somewhat groomed hair and potentially dapper beard...Its hard not to be a little sad inside.  There is much pain in my life.  I suffer from PTS. There are a handful of tumors now claiming real estate in my brain.  There is a growth on my skull. My hearing is starting to go south.  My memory is shot!  If I had a dollar every time someone told me, "I just told you..." I would be a millionaire. 

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Compassion...It's Free!

Rich Hanson was the leader of the youth ministries at Parkway Community Church at the time.  It was Rich who taught me about the most expensive thing in the world.  This item...this gift was extremely valuable. The kicker...I could give it for FREE. Over and over again.  This item Rich was talking about....MY TIME. I've been paying forward eversince.

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