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The Power of Words in Our Pursuit of Compassion

The fact of the matter is that the exact number is irrelevant. Knowing that communication is specifically 75% nonverbal or 90% nonverbal holds no practical applications. The important part is that most communication is nonverbal. In fact, nonverbal behavior is the most crucial aspect of communication. - Blake from The NonVerbal Group

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Bad Days and Compassion

Bad days aren't only associated with being attacked...physically!  Sometimes we are mentally or even spiritually attacked.  These attacks sometimes come in the form of a pill, a drink, or thoughts.  Often times when we have a relapse to bad habits, or past trauma, we consider it a bad day.  These bad days can turn into bad weeks...maybe longer.  

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You're Not the Only One...Join the Pursuit!

Despite the smile, somewhat groomed hair and potentially dapper beard...Its hard not to be a little sad inside.  There is much pain in my life.  I suffer from PTS. There are a handful of tumors now claiming real estate in my brain.  There is a growth on my skull. My hearing is starting to go south.  My memory is shot!  If I had a dollar every time someone told me, "I just told you..." I would be a millionaire. 

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