Healing Influence Wrist Mala

Healing Influence Wrist Mala


8mm Sandalwood and India(n) Agate with a hand-stamped Evil Eye charm. The Sandalwood smells AUMAZING.

India Agate - is a positive healing influence, it was used secretly by sages a long time ago as a secret weapon to give them courage to conquer their greatness. Giving you confidence, physical strength, and emotional security. It is a great aid for meditation and is a powerful healing stone. Indian agate gives physical strength & emotional security. It is also a good protection stone. It is known in some circles as the "stone of eternity" because it helps not to be afraid of aging, or old age. Also known as an "anti-stress" stone, its energy vibrations and contribute to transmit serenity and patience.

Sandalwood - is one of the traditional materials used for malas. A soothing, peaceful and fragrant wood it is said to attract positive subtle vibrations, bring clear perception, promote tranquility and a positive frame of mind. Sandalwood is an antidepressant, antiseptic, insecticidal, and sedative wood. It can assist in the healing of cells and is used to assist the immune system in any healing process or to prevent illness. Calming Sandalwood is a wonderful meditation tool. Its sedative property clears stress from the nervous system.

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