Well this is either good news or sad(ish) news. It is good news because often times when a mala breaks it signifies a breakthrough on something you have been working on. It is sad news if in fact it just broke after normal wear and tear...and now you are without one of your favorite mala beads. 

I offer two different options: 

Option 1: Send the mala to me and I will repair it. Normally this runs $10-25 depending on if I need to make a new tassel, or if there are Brahman knots etc. You can send it back to me...and once I see what needs to be done, I will send you a PayPal link.

Option 2: When mala beads break, they signify a breakthrough. Often when these breakthroughs happen, the owner of the mala would like to move forward. Think lotus pushing through mud. The mala has done what needs to be done. Some people like to keep the mala if it is really pretty, or if it signifies something bigger in life. If you think this mala has done the work that needs to be done, I will extend to you a 50% discount off another mala, once you send me your broken mala. I will have the broken mala blessed and cleaned by a Reiki friend of mine...and I will create something new with it. 

Either way...send me an email and we can move forward: