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I do not have a wholesale price perse, but can offer discounts in several different ways. I firmly believe that you can buy mala beads from anyone, but my brand identity and the work I am trying to do puts me in a niche market. A market that is doing more than just making money, rather helping to take care of our Vets. I support Mindful Yoga Therapy, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, VETOGA, Mission22, The Sparta Project, and Boulder Crest as well as pass out free swag to Vets and donate items to fundraisers. Here are the different ways we might be able to work out a mutually beneficial business partnership. If any of these options interest you, send me an email: malaforvets@gmail.com


let's work together...

1. EXCLUSIVE | This is my favorite option as it is personalized and special to your students. The minimum order is 15 mala beads or 15 wrist mala beads. When I buy larger amounts of stock, I get a discount, and I can share that discount with you. This option also includes a per mala donation to one of the non-profits I support...you decide. I suggest $10-15 per mala which I include in the price. I have found people are willing to pay an additional $10-15 if they know it is going to a good cause. This option allows you to set your own price point when you sell the items. It will also include my packaging items: box, bag, and mala care instructions. I can also create additional digital marketing material which we can discuss.

2. DEEP DISCOUNT | If you're not looking to make a huge return on investment, I can extend you a 40% discount when you purchase 10 or more items. You then can sell the items for the full price...NOTHING MORE! In this option you will once again receive the MalaforVets packaging items. You can add additional $$$ to the items for a donation to one of the non-profits I support... which I would include in an invoice up front. This is a sticky point for me...IF you are going to use this option the price of the mala beads HAS TO BE THE SAME AS I WOULD SELL THEM. I don't want someone to see one of my mala beads for sale for $128 in one place, but only $77 online. Option 1 prevents this from happening...because it would be an exclusive design, only available at your location.

3. SOME FOR YOU & ME | If you just want to help me...and my little business...then I can extend you a 25% discount on my available stock when you order 10 or more items. You can sell these items for whatever price you'd like in your store. As such, there would be no mention of MalaforVets, nor packaging material.