INTRODUCING: Battle Tested Seva Mala Project

The other day I received a package in the mail from Dusty Baxley. 

Dusty is a former 82nd Airborne Ranger, turned Transcendental Meditator, turned Veteran Healer. I met Dusty back in 2014 when he taught me a specific meditation tool...and we have stayed in contact since. The package included several mala beads that had seen their fair share of action. He thought I could give them a new life!  

That got me to thinking...that is exactly what Dusty and the team he was working with did for me!  The thoughts didn't stop there. I quickly linked these mala beads needing a new life with the mantra of Battle Tested...which is battle tested...not broken! These mala beads Dusty sent me are not broken, rather, they are battle tested. Instead of tossing them aside as such, Dusty sent them to me. 


Just a few days later, I received another box in the mail. This time from Melinda Grafton. Melinda is the one who introduced me to yoga back in 1999. Melinda just retired from the Air Force and in recent years has began to explore her artistic painting skills. She also teaches yoga and makes some products to help aid in yoga/meditation practices. When I opened Melinda's package, I was shocked. This picture is only about half of what was in it. I had not spoken to her about my previous package. I was confused, so I contacted her. She said something very similar to what Dusty said. Basically, along the lines of she thought I could do something with these beads. 

SO...I am now launching the Battle Tested Seva Project!



A NEW LIFE! Roger That Dusty and Melinda...I can do just that.

I have kind of been doing something very similar for the past three years. My good friends Sander and Christy Cohen from have been sending me 'goody boxes' filled with unique Tibetan mala beads and parts. I have essentially been giving these items a NEW LIFE...and using that money to support my Warrior Mala Seva Project


Do you have any mala beads laying around...looking for a NEW LIFE?  Would you like to help me make a difference? Perhaps you know of a local store who might be interested? Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested...and willing! I plan to donate the profits from the Battle Tested Seva Project to support programs that empower Veterans. Currently, that will be the Battle Tested Veterans Day event. The money will help offset Veteran travel costs associated with the event. Email me if you are interested:

Here is the first one I have made! This is Saguaro Jasper, Hematite and an amazing handmade (maybe from Tibet or India) pendant with an inlaid piece of Green Aventurine.  I can send you a PayPal link if you're interested in this mala. ($108)

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