Nayi's Mala

I always enjoy hearing from all of you. It is fascinating to me where my mala beads end up, and how they impact your lives. It is an honor to share a felt experience...and humbling to be on a parallel path of spiritual growth | healing | development. -Chris E.


I want to thank you for the beautiful mala I received a few weeks ago. They mean a lot to me as I continue to love and support our troop members including my family members and long time boyfriend who have served or are currently serving. I understand that there are emotions and experiences so many of our troops harbor somewhere within that I will likely never know. I honor and respect these men and women and send them love wherever they may currently find themselves. Chris, thank you for creating such a beautiful piece and for sharing your light with so many. I wear this piece proudly.

BTW...I will send you a 20% off code if you send me a pic of your MalaforVets mala with a short blog!

COMING SOON!  #22aDayChallenge November 1-22.

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