MALA of the Day - April 15, 2014

Spiritual Journey Mala

8MM Black Agarwood Eaglewood Bead  with eternity knot. The smell of this mala isspectacular. Very present and calming.

Agarwood had played a vital role, the offering of incense is a purification rituals in which the incense is burned in order to purify the space surrounding statues of Buddha, incense was burnt while monks read Buddhist sutras. It is custom to enjoy incense burning outside of Buddhist or religious context. In the world of fragrance, agarwood is the "supreme fragrance" in combination of selected blends of other natural products to increase various forms of pure incense. Agarwood became the most expensive incense, the most expensive botanic oil and still being worth your money. for one, agarwood is considered as being a mystical resin which is used for medication purposes, for the unlocking of the subconscious and the balancing of the mind. Agarwood is highly psychoactive, which explains why it is used chiefly for incense of the mind, and it is used for spiritual journey. enlightenment, clarity, and grounding. Different cultures uses this most expensive incense for various different purpose. 

WIN A WRIST MALA.... CLICK HERE  and leave a comment.

WIN A WRIST MALA....CLICK HERE and leave a comment.