Transformation...One Click At A Time

This healing path is tough.  Externally we may look good...but internally...what do we look like?

Not sure if this is considered a "good" selfie or not.

Not sure if this is considered a "good" selfie or not.

We can all look good for a selfie, a quick pic with your friends, or when you decided to get off the couch for a yoga class. I've been known to grab a quick selfie for my "check-in" pic on FourSquare.  A former co-worker of mine sent me a message telling me his wife LOVED them...and that she was kind of crushing on them.  Not sure how to take that...but OK!  Another one of my friends actually posted, "enough already with the yoga selfies!"  I suppose that is the other extreme.  But...there was one friend who contacted me.  In fact, he picked up the phone and called me.  I met Eddie O when I went through a Save A Warrior cohort last year. Kind of a quiet guy at first...but then he opened up and was very talkative like me.  So Eddie...out of the blue called me up and told me he had been enjoying reading and look at pictures of my transformation.

"When I see your pics, it motivates me to get out and do something." -Eddie O

I have to be honest.  It really did make me feel good to know that what I do motivates others.  I think inherently we want to believe what we do has value.  In one phone call...I was validated. That night...and the next few days afterwards I shared this story with my yoga students.  I encouraged them to do the same...pick up the phone, or better yet speak to someone face to face and pay them a compliment.  What an easy way to be compassionate.

Post yoga for Vets picture of the group.   Art Boorman  led this special class.

Post yoga for Vets picture of the group.  Art Boorman led this special class.

The beauty of the internet is we can easily post a picture of us having a great time, in a great location, with our friends.  LOOK AT ME...I'm having an amazing time!  Check out where I am!  Here are 10 pictures of me doing something you're not.  CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!  Then, all of our friends scroll through their news feeds to see all of us in our glory!  What perfect lives we all live.  Look at that smile on my face.  I might just be the happiest person on Earth.

After some reflection on the matter...I thought about all the "bad days" I've had since I last saw Eddie.  I wondered if he would have had the same experience clicking through my pictures if I posted pictures of me when I felt like I was in the dumps.  You know what I mean.  Those days where you'd rather just curl up in a ball and maybe whimper or do as little as possible.  Would people be inspired by the images they don't see on Facebook?  They are clearly apart of my transformation.  They play a huge role in my Pursuit of Compassion.  What if there was a video of me when I was kind of rude to the lady working at the supermarket where I shop.  It wasn't horrible...but my reaction was not the person who I am.  Plus, I don't think it was really necessary. Who knows why the lady said what she said to me?  Potentially, she was having a bad day.  What I did next surely did nothing to help her have a good day!

My request of each of you....keep posting those inspiring pictures of you having the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.  But remember, as we all continue on this Pursuit of Compassion, there is a good chance that the picture(s) you posted are being "clicked" on by someone who could really benefit from more than a picture.  Pick up the someone you've not talked to in a long time...and pay them a compliment.  Ask them how they are doing.  Be compassionate.  It will make the person you call feel AMAZING...and it will then in-turn make you feel incredible too.

I would love to hear your Pursuit of Compassion.  Send me your "guest" blog post to:

I would love to hear your Pursuit of Compassion.  Send me your "guest" blog post to: