Maurica M - Baltimore


I ordered my mala from Chris at one of the most tumultuous times in my life. Nearly everything in my life was changing and I had no idea where life was about to take me. I was extremely off balance, out of control and ungrounded. I wrote Chris what seemed like a small novel describing what was going on in my life…which made me sound like a crazy person…and asked him to create a mala to help align my energy so I could become more grounded and find my proper direction during this crazy time.

Chris could have very easily thrown something together and sent it to me, but instead, he asked questions and even sent me a chakra test in order to help him understand what my needs were so he could create a mala precisely for me.


He kept all of this info in mind and took it to heart while deciding what kind of mala he would make for me. I knew it would be fantastic, but I could never have imagined how amazing this personal piece of artwork would be!

Chris created the most beautiful chakra balancing mala for me! Its beauty however, was surpassed only by the energy and strength I felt from the first time I held it in my hands! I was absolutely struck with how incredibly perfect this mala was for me!

To call it jewelry or art is simply an understatement. Chris has an astounding gift for creating something so precisely fitted; so personal for someone he’s never even met. The energy manifested in this mala is simply inconceivable! It grounded me so completely that I found myself reaching for it unconsciously when I wasn’t wearing it. I wear it nearly every day, and for quite a while, it was in my hand every minute I slept. I could feel that something was missing if it wasn’t on my person.


Now, I’m not going to tell you that everything has been smooth sailing and that life immediately righted itself the moment it arrived. What I will tell you, is that the energy radiating from my mala worked with my own misaligned energy in peculiar ways! I had bizarre dreams and nightmares, negative energy from past injuries came creeping into my consciousness, and truths that I had been unable see stared back at me when I looked in the mirror. Things I hadn’t known hand been left unsettled as well as things I refused to face were thrust to the surface, giving me no choice but to deal with it so I could finally let it all go.

The difference in my life is outstanding! Chris may still think that I’m a crazy person, but I’m so much more aligned! The confusion and fog surrounding me has cleared and there have been so many amazing changes in my life! I not only know where I am in life, but I have a significantly clearer view of

who I am

. Life is certainly not perfect, but it now in focus!

This mala has been such a gift to me that I have purchased several more malas for friends and family, hoping to pass the gifts I have received through Chris on to the people I love.

Chris, there simply aren’t enough words to express my thanks. You have an amazing gift, a beautiful spirit, and gentle, creative hands that you graciously share with the rest of us through your mala beads!