Kris L - California


I first read about MalaforVets

on, and was instantly drawn, for a few different reasons.  I love my veteran brother very much, and wish for him and all veterans to receive the support and care they deserve. 

Reading about the yoga programs, and the gift of mala beads for the vets, I felt passionately that this was a huge, newer way of hopefully giving hope, healing and optimism to veterans, and I wanted to support Chris' mission.  I have personally struggled with certain emotions in the past, to the point of breathing very shallow to try to keep things bottled up inside, and yoga has significantly helped me with that - taking deeper breaths, staying present, allowing each feeling to be part of the experience.  The mala beads that I have received from MalaforVets serve as reminders to take those deeper breaths.  I will sometimes practice taking one deep breath per bead, working my way around the necklace or bracelet I am wearing that day. Sometimes, on a journey of healing, a talisman of sorts can offer that kind of comfort.  And I feel that Chris truly does impart his care for his fellow veterans, and fellow humans, into each piece he creates.

Kris L. (California)