Clara -The Netherlands

Hi Chris,


Thanks for your email and yes...of course I will tell you my 'story'! 

How I came to order mala beads from started with a special journey I took beginning of September when I traveled from the Netherlands to South Dakota to work as a volunteer and photographer for a gentle round up of Wild Mustangs. These Wild Mustangs were rescued by

LifeSavers Wild Horse Sanctuary

and brought to Zuya Wild Horse Sanctuary on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The horses needed to be moved from one range to another and I went there to help out. Once at Zuya Wild Horse Sanctuary I met this incredible group of people. In this group of people were 3 veterans and Suzi Landolphi. They told me about the special program that Jake runs -Save a Warrior-  and since I do healing / coaching assisted by horses myself, Suzi and I clicked and talked about the enormous beneficial asset for healing that horses have. I looked Save a Warrior up on Facebook and was instantly hooked  and there was a posting from you about your MalaforVets.

My first string of Mala beads were given to me by one of my brothers. I wore that for a long time on my wrist until it fell apart about a month ago. So I was already looking for a new one, but did not just want to order one at a 'random' web store, where you have no idea if they are real or who makes them. And then I 'found' you. I strongly believe things happen for a reason and I instantly felt I should order the mala beads from you. I was so happy when I received them about two weeks ago. They are beautiful and have a good energy. I wear them on my wrist. Mala beads to me have this special meaning of having something with me that protects my spirit and soul. As working with people is great, sometimes it is tough too. I pick up  on and 'see / feel' a lot of energy from others, see and feel sometimes things even before the other person sees or feels things. The mala beads help me to stay grounded and focused on the other while being open and vulnerable at the same time. Thank YOU for doing this! I love the fact how you support Save a Warrior, how crafting them is healing to yourself and how you share your craft with us. So a big thank you for the beautiful mala beads. I hope to wear this string for a long, long time...

I applaud you....


Clara - The Netherlands