MSgt Chris Eder US Air Force | Retired | Combat Correspondent

Chris is a retired Air Force Veteran turned yogi, turned advocate, turned owner of a small online business called MalaforVetsOriginally from Simi Valley California, Chris joined the Air Force August 2, 1990 (the day Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait) and retired November 30, 2013. He spent most of his career as a Combat Correspondent traveling the globe highlighting the amazing stories of his fellow-warriors.

Today, Chris raises money for three primary non-profits: Save A Warrior, Mindful Yoga Therapy, and  the Give Back Yoga Foundation. Chris is currently studying to be a full stack developer and plans to assist non-profits with web-design, apps, marketing, and graphic support.

Ali Warrick US Navy | Spouse | 

Ali was first introduced to Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans through co-host @Lizcorwin during a donation-based class she held at @thamesstyoga at Newport, RI where Ali completed her teacher training. Listening to Liz describe certain emotions that people with PTSD confront on a daily basis was incredibly heart breaking. It hit home for her, knowing that her husband, who is serving in the United States Navy, could one day be faced with those same emotions.

When Ali moved to Hawaii, she began working with the military spouses on base. She taught weekly yoga classes on the beach and was amazed at the outcome both for her students and herself. This is how I was first called to support my military family.

Ali linked up with Chris (who is also friends with Liz) and launched #22aDayChallenge for the first time earlier this year. This  challenge combined her passion for yoga (and social media) with the important cause of raising awareness and funds for organizations that support our veterans.  The first round was pulled together within a matter of weeks and made a pretty big she is even more excited this time as she hopes this next round will  make an even greater impact for our veterans.

Emily Hills US Army | Spouse | 

Emily comes from a large home-schooled family in rural Maine. She thinks her unusual upbringing encouraged her to open her heart and mind to an array of life experiences.     She is willing to try most new things at least once. Additionally, she feels that flexibility has served her well, creating a variants of trajectories. One of those being her daughter and herslef following her husband all over the states. Emily's yoga journey has just begun, and she hopes that you'll join her Journey to broad-mindedness and physical health. Namaste ॐ

SSG Ryan McKee US Army | Retired | EOD 89D 

After leaving active duty Ryan had many injuries to include a broken neck with severe nerve damage. Fitness was a challenge and so he tried yoga and instantly fell in love. 

Yoga not only helped him find adaptive fitness but helped him battle my PTSD demons. It is important for Ryan to spread the yoga word to as many injured and non-injured vets alike. Yoga saved his life and he will do everything in his power to help save another vet through yoga. Ryan received his 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification in July 2015. He is currently teaching veteran outpatient and trauma centered yoga in the Denver area. 

TSgt Vince Garrett US Air Force | Active Duty | Intel

Vince is a military man who is living in Tampa, FL with a strong practice and a big heart. He had always wanted to try yoga but never had enough courage to sign up and attend one. He got his first glimpse of yoga during a 2009 deployment in Afghanistan which also happened to have men in it as well. He mainly practice Vinyasa Yoga. The thing he likes about this style of practice how it focuses on gaining a better discipline when getting into postures and maintaining strong breathing techniques. 

Liz Corwin US Navy | 11-years | F-18 Pilot

Liz Corwin is a former Navy F-18 pilot and world-traveling yoga teacher whose online videos, and social media inspirations nurture the basic human desires for adventure, curiosity and freedom.  Her wandering-spirit and Walkabout-lifestyle drive her fresh and challenging classes and workshops.  Wander with her on Instagram & Facebook & visit 

Liz is an ambassador for Kira Grace Yoga, The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Warriors For Healing, and Cover Model of Beryl Bender Birch’s new book “Yoga for Warriors” (free copies for military) from her website.

Currently working for the European Headquarters Command in Stuttgart, Germany as well as teaching yoga to military service members at the Warrior Transition Program in Sembach, Germany.  

Vito Vitelli US Air Force |4-years | Security Forces

After separation from the Air Force, Vito spent a few years trying different medications to aid in my recovery of PTSD, depression, anxiety and back pain. Constant ups and downs in his emotional state led him to the point of trying to take care of myself without meds. In 2012 he started working out again, just getting back in touch with himself. Being mindful without really knowing what he was doing. Yoga found Vito in August of 2014, and he could not be happier with his practice. It has helped him in so many different ways in such a short amount of time. While he still deals with PTSD and some back pain, he now knows how to effectively manage his disabilities. Knowing this and putting it into practice has given him the opportunity  to love himself, and has shown him the path to inner peace. Vito believes it has also blessed him with the determination to choose to be happy. Yoga and Meditation has made him a better person.

                                         "I love yoga and yoga loves me."


Justin Blazejewski US Marine Corps |  5-years  | 6322 Avionics Tech on CH-46 Helicopters

Justin was introduction to yoga began in 2007 when he was searching for different exercises that would help with a back injury he sustained while serving in the Marine Corps a few years before. Soon after his first class he dove into a daily yoga practice and he quickly realized the physical benefits of yoga when his back pain began to disappear after only a couple weeks. Around the same time he started yoga he was in his 4th year of monthly travel to Afghanistan and Iraq as a government contractor.  Over the last 10 years Justin served as a communication engineer with dozens temporary duty assignments.  After years of constant travel Justin realized the effects of the war zone were taking their toll but at the same time he also noticed how the benefits of yoga were offsetting these effects. 
His mission is to help others and share the powerful healing benefits of yoga and meditation to those who need it most in life; especially his brother and sisters of the armed services and veterans who still carry the burdens of war with them every day.

SrA Kimi Pelchat US Air Force | Active Duty | Intel

Kimi is originally from California and joined the Air Force directly out of high school. After training in Texas she was stationed in New Mexico at Cannon AFB and is currently in Virginia! 1.5 years ago (Feb 2014) she found a hot yoga studio and has been going consistently since. Kimi started practicing yoga as personal therapy for my knee pain and as a work out, but quickly found how life changing it is on a mental and spiritual level. In August she started a 200 hour Yoga Teach Training! Kimi wants to share how yoga can heal and strengthen the mind and body. 

My favorite little saying is 'Be the best you' and 'Be present'

Juan Menses US Air Force | 9-years | Intel

Juan grew up in the small Maine farming town of Sidney, ME. At the age of 18 and one month out of high school, Juan left for basic training and start what would end up being a crazy journey. Yoga first became his interest when attempting to rehabilitate his knee after reconstructive surgery in 2008. His yoga practice is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa. He now likes to share and learn to improve his practice and helps improve their practice through the IG yoga community.Juan is a Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling practitioner training for MMA fights. He has been training with a system Olympic lifts and plyometrics for fifteen years. 

Juan's IG name comes from the weird noise his best friend, Jax, makes. He gets a little excited and lets out a high pitch “squeal”. 

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  • Liz C. | Navy Pilot | @lizcorwin
  • Vito V. | Air Force Veteran | @mad.pupil
  • Justin B. | Marine Veteran | @polockblaze
  • Emily H. | Army Spouse | @joyfulemily
  • Ryan M. | Retired Army | @the_rionmac
  • Kimi P. | Active Duty Air Force | @ki.mi.p
  • Vince G. | Active Duty Air Force | @af_yogi
  • Juan M. | Air Force Veteran | @squealingdog