Thank you for your hard work, your discipline, your courage.

Thank you for doing difficult jobs that many people wouldn't have the fortitude to do.

Thank you for your service.


It is important to us at YFM that you have access to yoga, fitness, and mindfulness classes that help you achieve, move forward, and if needed, heal...

... and that you don't have to pay for them. We're reopening the Vets platform - newly launched at

It is now, and always will be, 100% FREE for Veterans and Active Duty Servicemen and Women.


If you're a veteran or currently in the military, please sign up and check it out!

 You'll find a selection of classes, specifically for vets, offered by some of the best instructors in the world.

We hope it helps get you moving, and that you take advantage of these classes wherever and whenever you want.

We'll likely be adding more classes over time.

Also, we are announcing today that the entire membership site will be available to vets at a steep discount moving forward!

You will see information about that once you login into the free platform. See you there!

With Gratitude,

-YFM Team