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Know that these mala beads are made by a Vet with PTSD in hopes of bringing awareness to and raising money for other Vets...with or without PTSD. Money raised through the Mala for Vets iniative supports Veterans Yoga missions like Mindful Yoga Therapy, VETOGA, Connected Warriors, Warriors Ascent, The Sparta Project and the Give Back Yoga Foundation.


Wood Mala Beads

According to accepted practice, lore, legend, and beliefs...every type of wood puts off an energy or healing power.  MalaforVets creates handmade mala beads following these practices.  Chris names each of the mala beads according to the healing power(s) associated with the beads used.  However, there is no esoteric value added to these mala beads from Chris.  That value is added by the person who buys the mala.  The power is in the belief.