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Know that these mala beads are made by a Vet with PTSD in hopes of bringing awareness to and raising money for other Vets...with or without PTSD. Money raised through the Mala for Vets iniative supports Veterans Yoga missions like Mindful Yoga Therapy, VETOGA, Connected Warriors, Warriors Ascent, The Sparta Project and the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Veteran Programs


battle Tested Veterans

Battle Tested Veterans believes in sharing stories not stereotypes.

Story telling is a proven method to create compassion, understanding and cooperation in among individuals. Our personal struggles and growth, when told in our own words, imprints our experiences on the brains and hearts of others. This causes more empathy, connection and understanding between people.


In 2015, we hosted a pilot event to challenge the way people think about veterans. The event was attended by Bay Area executives and HR leaders and provided a platform for veterans to share their personal lessons, struggles, and most importantly, growth. Our 2016 in-person event also occurred in San Francisco at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, another nonprofit organization, on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016. At the event, we featured nine stories discussing the post-military journey of veterans to help challenge common stereotypes about veterans that leads to underemployment or other forms of discriminations or microaggressions.

In 2017, we are tackling three common stereotypes:

  • Veterans are emotionally fragile, unstable, damaged people who need to be cared for
  • Veterans are heroes, but not good hires
  • Officer veterans are more valuable/better than enlisted veterans

look for mala beads that start with "bt"...40% of the proceeds go directly to battle tested veterans.


the sparta project

Whether your mission is complete, or you just clocked off duty - but the battle is still raging...Don't face your post traumatic stress alone. The Sparta Project guides, inspires and heals veterans and first responders who suffer from PTS. They are dedicated to healing the invisible wounds of war and service.

The Sparta Project offers 1- Day Immersive PTS(D) Program & 5-Day PTS(D) Intensive Retreat. 

Locations: The Sparta Project conducts retreats in AZ, CA, and MN. 

Summary: Our providers use The Sparta methodology that we deliver to a small group during our 5-day retreat that include all meals, lodging, and materials.  




boulder crest retreat

In order to unlock our potential, Boulder Crest Retreat believes it is critical that we provide combat veterans and their families with a free, safe and sacred place to rest, reconnect and recharge. That is why we createdwe created two signature programs:

PATHH: Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes - which are based on the science of posttraumatic growth (PTG):


  • Warrior PATHH: a free 18-month program, that begins with a 7-day intensive and immersive in-residence initiation (with separate programs for males and females).
  • Family PATHH: a free 5-day program focused on the entire family.
  • Couples PATHH: a free 3-day program.
  • Caregiver PATHH: a free 3-day program.

Family Rest & Reconnection (R&R) Stays: free, 2-7 night stays that provide families with the opportunity to rest, reconnect, and recharge. To book these stays, explore the Virginiaand Arizona pages.




All of Warrior's Ascent programs aim to support Warriors with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Because trauma affects the mind, body, and soul, any attempt to address the suffering of our warriors must include the mind, body, and soul. Their programs provide powerful healing experiences that are rooted in those of the ancient warrior traditions. Furthermore, they help warriors to heal themselves and others by providing in-depth education in holistic healing practices. The Academy of Healing is the primary program, where they provide cathartic healing experiences and introduce healing practices to warriors from around the country. All of their programs are FREE for participants. 

ACADEMY OF HEALING: This is a 5-day program for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS). During this program participants experience powerful healing experiences and receive an in-depth introduction to holistic healing practices. The program is FREE to all participants, funded by donations.

EXPANDING LIMITS EXPEDITIONS: Expeditions are for Alumni of the Academy of Healing who have been engaging in in-depth personal therapy. During Expeditions, Alumni will participate in advanced Depth-oriented healing experiences while being immersed in nature.

FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: For warriors located in the Greater Kansas City Area, Warriors' Ascent provides regular fellowship opportunities. During these gatherings, warriors get together to participate in in-depth healing practices, learn advanced healing methods from experts, or just get together to have fun.




save a warrior


Save A Warrior believes in challenging conventional thinking. The way we challenge the idea of suicide is so novel and so inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from sharing in this experience. Since 2012, those who complete Save A Warrior exclaim how our "unique approach to ordinary"... saved their life. We are grateful for your generosity which made the difference; perhaps a lifesaving difference.

Save A Warrior is an original, Warrior-led, well-grounded and timeless journey for active duty military, returning veterans and first responders who feel desperately alone. Give us a week and you will change the way you see - and live - your life.