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Know that these mala beads are made by a Vet with PTSD in hopes of bringing awareness to and raising money for other Vets...with or without PTSD. Money raised through the Mala for Vets iniative supports Veterans Yoga missions like Mindful Yoga Therapy, VETOGA, Connected Warriors, Warriors Ascent, The Sparta Project and the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Follow Your Heart

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Follow Your Heart

Chris Eder

 Follow Your Heart Mala

Follow Your Heart Mala

Just shy of two years ago, I sat down with my daughter and made my first mala bead.  She wanted to do an arts & crafts project with me...and me being a guy...had no idea what to do...SO...I made a mala bead.  It had about 30 beads and Buddha pendant.  I donated this mala bead to the studio where I teach yoga, Whole Yoga in Odenton, Maryland.  Little did I know when I made my first mala that there was actually a way, a thought process, true meaning behind making mala beads.  Shortly after making my first mala bead, I had a thought/vision.  I wondered if anyone was making mala beads for Veterans.  So, I Googled it...turned out...NOPE!  So...I did what any normal person would do....I followed my heart, purchased the URL: and began making mala beads.  The they HISTORY.  BTW...this mala is another FIRST for me.  This is the first time I have made a tassel.  :)

Tell me a story about when YOU followed your heart and you could win this Anahata Chakra inspired mala bead.  Leave a comment here and I will enter your name into the drawing...THREE TIMES.  Share the post...and I will put your name in the drawing two more times.