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Know that these mala beads are made by a Vet with PTSD in hopes of bringing awareness to and raising money for other Vets...with or without PTSD. Money raised through the Mala for Vets iniative supports Veterans Yoga missions like Mindful Yoga Therapy, VETOGA, Connected Warriors, Warriors Ascent, The Sparta Project and the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Jake Clark - Compassion Is...

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Follow the Pursuit of Compassion.

Jake Clark - Compassion Is...

Chris Eder

As I roll out my year-long project, I thought it would be nice to see what my friends and mentors think "Compassion" is.  Before meeting Jake Clark, I thought there were only two types of people in this world...Hall and Oates fans...and liars!  While this may still be a simple truth...I now know that there are two other types of people in this world.  People who say they want to do something to help Veterans with PTS...and those who actually DO SOMETHING!  Jake is the founder of Save A Warrior...a program I attended.  This week-long project is actually SAVING LIVES!  - Chris

 Jake Clark is the Founder of  Save A Warrior.   A program I attended in 2013...and a program I FULLY support.

Jake Clark is the Founder of Save A Warrior.  A program I attended in 2013...and a program I FULLY support.

Compassion is our ability to walk in another's shoes, to make a conscious decision to embark on that unknown journey; to not - when tempted - turn away from the not so beautiful that sometimes shadows all of us; to that which we don't know whether or not we have it within us to be with, and witness.

Compassion is a parallel process of healing; a declaration that I am no better, no worse than my fellow man; be they from Park Avenue, or park bench, or anywhere in between. It is the recognition - of one being to another - that you are my brother and sister, that we are all equally endowed by our creator to be here, share the same earth and air, that our well-being is completely interdependent on each other; that to see or say otherwise is to condemn one another to death.

This is the Save A Warrior Mala.  $10 per sale goes to support Save A Warrior.